Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Fine & Coarse Grain 5g - 100Lbs Bulk Food & Bath Grade

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Choose 1oz to 100 Lbs of either Himalayan Pink Salt or Natural White Sea Salt. Also choose from either fine grain or coarse grain. -- All salt is food grade salt but can also be used for bath salts as well.Shipping Details:Anything 6oz and under will come to you in an envelope via USPS stamped mail. 8 - 15oz. sales will come via USPS first class package and 1+ pounds will come via USPS Priority Mail. Packaging Details:6oz and under comes in a bulk package. 8oz.
10Lbs comes in resealable stand up bags and everything else comes in bulk boxes. Packaging Bag Styles May Vary But They Will Always Be Stand Up Zipper Bags For Everything 10Lbs & Under. This Item does not come in original packaging as it is sold as a bulk item.  Alert!!!My business has had an influx in sales recently yet, due to the pandemic I am unable to hire any help. This has forced me to raise my handling time to 5 days and I need all of those days before I am able to ship your order. However, if you send me a message (Not on order checkout page because I won't see that until the day of shipping, but through my profile) asking me to ship it sooner I will do my best to get it out by the time you need it to go out. 
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Buy 3 Items at Regular Price & Get 1 Free!
Step 1) Purchase 3 items from my store in one transaction (2 Of The Items Must Be 4oz. Or More)
Step 2) On the checkout page, send me a message letting me know which extra item/items from the list below you would like me to send with your order. Remember: 
Do Not Add Your Free Items To Your Cart!
Please Include Product amounts in your note to me - Thnx 
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Ground Ginger - 4oz.
Mild Chili Powder - 4 oz.
Hot Chili Powder - 4oz.
Basil - 2oz.
Parsley Flakes - 2oz.
Bay Leaves - 1oz
Minced Garlic -  oz.
Cayenne Pepper - 4oz.
Himalayan Pink Salt - Coarse - 6oz.
Himalayan Pink Salt - Fine - 6oz.
Sea Salt - Coarse - 6oz.
Sea Salt - Fine Grain - 6oz.
Sea Salt Coarse Grain - 6oz.
Fennel Seed - 4oz.
Italian Seasoning - 2oz.
Whole Cloves - 1oz.
Thyme - 2oz.
Ground Mustard - 4oz.
Lemon Pepper - 4oz.
Hemp Hearts - 4oz. .
Granulated Garlic - 2oz.
Crushed Red Pepper - 2oz.
Taco Seasoning - 4oz.
2 X 6oz. Piloncillo
Ground Cumin - 4oz.
Sweet Paprika - 4oz.
Smoked Hot Paprika - 2oz.
Ground Allspice - 2oz.
Whole Black Cardamom - ½oz.
Whole Green Cardamom ½oz.
Ground Cardamom ½oz.
Dried Oregano - 2oz
Onion Salt - 4oz.
Anise Seed - 2oz.
Rubbed Sage - 2oz.
Fenugreek - 4oz.
Dill Weed - 2oz.
Fennel Seed - 4oz.
Ground Coriander - 4oz.
Garlic Salt - 4oz.
Garlic Powder - 3oz.
Chopped Onion - 3oz.
Onion Powder - 4oz.
Dried Cilantro - 2oz.
Celery Seed - 4oz.
Ground Cinnamon - 3oz.
Cream of Tartar - 2oz.
Ground Allspice - 3oz.
Ground Nutmeg - 1oz.
White Pepper Powder - 2oz.
Smokey Cajun Seasoning - 4oz.
Pappy’s Seasoning - 4oz.
Black Peppercorns - 2oz.
Psyllium Husk Powder - 2oz.
Arrowroot Starch – 4oz.
Garam Masala – 2oz.
Marjoram - 2oz.
Juniper Berries - 2oz.
Fenugreek Seeds - 2oz.
Ajwain Seeds – 2oz.
Ground Cardamom ½oz.
Granulated Onion - 3oz.
Granulated Onion - 3oz.
Rosemary - 2oz.
Much More to Come!

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